Leading Specialists

Larisa V. Zolotukhina

Anesthetist-resuscitator and the head of the department of Anesthesiology, Resuscitation (burns unit with the special care wards)

Alexander E. Beymanov

X-ray Endovascular Surgeon and the Head of X-ray Surgery Department specialized in endovascular surgery

Ivan N. Ladutko

Surgeon and the head of Traumatology Department №1 (for multisystem injuries).

Sergey Y. Komlikov

Anesthesiologist-intensivist and the Head of Resuscitation and Intensive Care Department (for neurosurgical patients).

Aleksei A. Sheid

Radiologist and the head of X-ray department, has the first qualification grade in X-ray diagnostics.

Address: Kizhevatova Street, 58 Minsk